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BIMDG Psychologists


The Psychologists Group was formed in 2010 as a sub-group of the BIMDG. The objective was to unite and form a network of clinical psychologists working in the field of inherited metabolic disease.

The group covers clinical psychologists working in the UK and Ireland, in paediatric, adult and neuropsychology settings.


The main aims of the group are to:

  • review and develop current ways of working for psychologists working in inherited metabolic diseases
  • to produce guidelines/ resources/ publications where appropriate
  • contribute a psychological perspective to the field of inherited metabolic diseases
  • highlight the growing need for psychological input to the inherited metabolic diseases

What we do

The group meets biannually. Once linked to the annual BIMDG conference, and once at a location rotated across the UK and Ireland. Meetings are usually in a workshop format to facilitate discussion.

A group e-mail is used for liaison.


Membership of the group is open to any practicing clinical psychologist working in inherited metabolic disease.

The clinical psychologist must be a member of the BIMDG.

Currently the group has 11 members. To become a member contact the group secretary.

Committee Members

Group Secretary
Ms Lynne Aitkenhead