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BIMDG Nurses


The Nurses group began in 2002 and became a sub group of the BIMDG in 2003. The purpose of the group was to specifically promote patient care by sharing information, ideas and experiences. Over the years the group has been involved in patient information and has seen nurses from the group become representative’s on various committees.


The main aims of the group are to:

  • To promote excellence in the nursing care of patients with metabolic disease.

  • To provide patient information and build resources for families and professionals.

  • To promote nursing issues within the field of metabolic disease.

What we do

The group meets biannually, one meeting forms part of the BIMDG annual meeting and has a formal agenda in which members are updated on current issues.

The second meeting is usually educationally based to allow members to update and enhance their knowledge and to allow discussion to take place.


Membership of the group is open to all nurses working within the area of metabolic disease.

Nurses wishing to join must be members of the BIMDG (for membership contact the BIMDG membership secretary). To be registered within the nurses group contact the group secretary.

Committee Members

Ms Liz Morris

Ms Mel McSweeney

Ms Nichola Cowie