BIMDG dietetic formulary (PDF file)

The BIMDG Metabolic Formulary (medications) (PDF file) Version 2 October 2020

The BIMDG Shared Care Guidance Plan (WORD document)

The feedback form for the medications formulary (EXCEL file)


Welcome to the BIMDG metabolic formularies page.

Four documents can be accessed from this page:

1) The BIMDG Metabolic Dietetic Products Formulary

2) The BIMDG Metabolic  Formulary (medications)

3) The BIMDG Shared Care Guidance Plan

4) A feedback form for the medications formulary

The formularies have been developed to support prescribers across the NHS in the prescription and monitoring of treatments for rare inherited metabolic disorders.

In conjunction with the formularies, a shared care guidance plan has been produced to support prescribers in primary and secondary care.

The drug monographs contained within this formulary give basic information on metabolic medications which may be prescribed.

Any text highlighted and underlined in blue in the formulary when clicked will lead to another part of the document, website or reference.

It has been developed, checked for use and endorsed by the British Inherited Metabolic Disease Group (BIMDG).  The monographs are abbreviated and do not provide comprehensive medication information.  ALWAYS refer to other prescribing reference sources when prescribing for complete information on contraindications, cautions and side effects for example. 

Please note that although information here has been collated to reflect practice at the time of writing, we cannot be responsible for changes after this time.  It is planned that the formularies will be reviewed and revised twice a year (spring and autumn).

We are grateful to Metabolic Support UK ( who provided financial support for the completion of this project.

We are keen to receive user feedback in order that we can improve the content and ease of use of the formularies.  We particularly ask that users inform us of any significant errors or omissions (using the BIMDG Formulary Feedback Form).

Will Batten (on behalf of the BIMDG Pharmacists' Group)
Elaine Murphy (BIMDG Chair)



Pharmacist Representative
Dr Faiza Adrees