Emergency Guidelines

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Emergency Guidelines

The "child" guidelines are intended for children and adolescents up to end of puberty being managed on paediatric wards. The “adult” guidelines are intended for adult hospitals and wards. Hospitals should use the version of the guidelines they are most familiar with but the “adult” guidelines are suitable for all patients weighing over 40kg.

These guidelines are applicable to most patients but there will be occasions when alternative management is appropriate in consultation with a tertiary metabolic centre.

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There is very little evidence base for the management of inborn errors so these guidelines have been written taking account of what is regarded as the current best practice in the United Kingdom. They have been scrutinised carefully but there may still be errors. Furthermore new evidence at any time can invalidate these recommendations. No liability whatsoever can be taken as a result of using this information and no advice can be given regarding their use in countries outside the United Kingdom.

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