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BIMDG Dietitians


The Dietitians Group was formed in 1999 as a sub-group of the BIMDG. The objective was to unite and form a network of dietitians working in the field of inherited metabolic disease.

A committee was formed in October 2002.


The main aims of the group are to:

  • review and develop current dietary treatments for inherited metabolic diseases
  • to produce guidelines/ resources/ publications where appropriate
  • be a resource for dietetic colleagues involved with the dietary management of children/ adults with inherited metabolic disease

What we do

The group meets biannually. Meetings are usually in a workshop format to facilitate discussion.

A group e-mail is used for liaison.


Membership of the group is open to any practicing clinical dietitian working in inherited metabolic disease.

To become a member of the Dietitians group of the BIMDG, then you must be a member of the BIMDG. To become a member click here. Please then email the Dietitians BIMDG Secretary with your membership email and ask to be added to the Dietitians mailing list.

Currently the group has 62 members (at 21 Apr 2015).

Committee Members

Ms Anne Daly

Joint Secretary
. Camille Newby

Joint Secretary
. Melanie Hill

Meetings organiser
Ms Carolyn Dunlop

Adult representative
Ms Louise Robertson

Website Co-ordinator
Mr Simon Tapley

Committee Member
Ms Suzanne Ford