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BIMDG Constitution

BIMDG Vision

History and Aims of BIMDG


The BIMDG was formed in 1989.

The first annual meeting was in Bristol in May 1990 where the composition of the Committee was approved. The subject of that meeting was homocystinuria.

A constitution was written and approved by the AGM in the following year, 7 July 1991

Inherited Metabolic Disorders – A Service Vision for Setting Standards of Care and their Provision

Following a Workshop in the Autumn of 2002 in London it was agreed that it was important to set out a vision for how we should start to improve the provision of services for patients with inherited metabolic disorders. Continuing debate, through a number of draft documents, and discussion has meant a long gestation until we have arrived at this final version, published in Autumn 2004.

Committee Members

Dr Elaine Murphy

Deputy Chairperson
Dr Roshni Vara

Dr Donna Fullerton

Treasurer / Membership
Mr Robert Barski

Dietitian Representative (Paediatric)
Ms Rachel Skeath

Dietitians Representative (Adult)
Ms Kit Kaalundhansen

Nurses Representative
Ms Rachel Gould

Nurses Representative
Ms Collette Stainforth

Trainee Representative - Clinical
Dr Sarah Hulley

Pharmacists Representative
Mr Will Batten

Psychologists Representative
Ms Lynne Aitkenhead

Committee Member
Dr Hugh Lemonde

Committee member
Dr Paul Cook

Committee Member (Corresponding member for the SSIEM)
Dr James Davison

Committee Member
Dr Julian Raiman

Committee Member
Dr Alison Cozens